What Our Patients Say

Cindy D
Verified Patient

I loved it! All of the employees were nice to me. I loved how everyone was working too. The office was very clean and organized. Everyone was busy and answered all of your questions. The doctor was very sweet and knowledgeable. I would recommend, Esp if you are person who is afraid of doc visits this is good place to go.

Dimitriy K
Verified Patient

My visit was a great experience. I did not have to wait and the staff was very friendly. They offered me coffee or tea and made sure I was comfortable. When I met with the doctor she was professional and had a fantastic bedside manner. She gave me her undivided attention and addressed all my questions. I truly think this is one of the best doctor’s offices I have ever been to and I highly recommend the doctor and her staff!

Evgeny Z
Verified Patient

Zhanna Tsukerman was knowledgeable and friendly and did not make me feel rushed at all. The front desk staff was friendly and efficient! I highly recommend her!

Yuliya K.
Verified Patient

I am very happy with the experience at the doctor’s office. All the essential elements of a great experience were there. The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming, I was taken to see the doctor without waiting, the doctor really listened to my needs and carefully considered the best solutions. I would highly recommend Dr. Tsukerman for her professionalism, bedside manner, and knowledge!

Lina L
Verified Patient

I would recommend doctor Zhanna to anyone she is very professional and I appreciate how she explains what the diagnosis is and what usually leads to it. She gives back alot of info which not many doctors do. The staff was so polite and the nurse was really nice I liked her as well.

Gary T
Verified Patient

I would recommend Dr.Tsukerman to all of my friends, she is very intelligent, professional and friendly doctor. She took care of me well, and plus with such a great staff.

Jennifer P
Verified Patient

I was so happy with her service, she treats patients very well, she is very friendly person. I recommended her to several of my friends, and they liked her service a lot. I will see her again….

Valentina B
Verified Patient

I am extremly happy that i hot to meet Dr.Tsukerman many years ago at my ex Dr. Office. I loved how she listened to my problems carefully and made me feel as its important and not that I am makung up my symptoms and a hypochondriac. I was disappointed when i came back to the office but she no longer worked there. That office kept changing doctors and after 3 years I left the office because i found out that Dr. Tsukerman has her own office. I roght away put her as my primary doctor and now i have a hope that I can finally get to the core of my pain and get rid of it .. I have a chronic pain in the back which is probably is not going to be cured but my chronic pain in the right side abdominal is definitely has a reason for such severe non stop pain which no surgeons, no gynos , nor emergency room ( and i have been there too) can find the reason. Meanwhile , it gets worse. Coming to Dr.Tsukermans office was like seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I strongly believe she will find the reason because she actually LISTENS!!!! She makes a patient feel comfortable and has this aura around her that also feels as if you attented a psychologist as well. She is a very understanding doctor. I have been to so many of them ( i have even attended every hospital in Brooklyn ) and have many to compare her to. So far she is the best and gives me so much hope. Stay tuned as i am sure soon enough i will post that i am finally cured . I also want to mention girls that work there. I have never dealt with such compassionate individuals, they always ask patients about their health , they also listen and show no attitude as I have experienced so much in other offices. I think its also very important piece to a puzzle when you choose a primary doctor.